30 June, 2018, at campus Universitaire de Mont-Saint-Aignan

The association ADDED is pleased to invite you to an inter-doctoral Futsal tournament. This tournament is open to all PhD students registered with ED MIIS and PSIME as well as the members of their respective laboratories . The tournament will take place on Saturday, June 30, 2018 from 10h to 18h at the University campus of Mont-Saint-Aignan .

Rules of the game

The tournament consists of pools of 4 teams of 5 players, followed by a standard tournament table with catch-up (the qualification rules for the trees will be explained later to the participating teams). The goal is not to win but to participate a minimum of 4 match will be provided for each participating team and each participant will be given a medal for his participation.

As for the formation of the teams. These are mixed and must have at least 5 members (2 optional substitutions are allowed for each team). Preferably the 5 (or 7) members must come from the same laboratory but inter-laboratory teams are possible if a laboratory is not able to present 5 members. For laboratories wishing to present several teams, we will organize a waiting list for additional teams to allow all laboratories to present at least one team.

A surprise waiting for the team with the best fanclub so do not hesitate to motivate people from your laboratories to come and support you!

A refreshment bar will also be set up to dispense drinks and treats to participants and spectators.


Registration is open until June 23, 2018. To register you just have to send us by email the name and the list of the members of your team, by informing for each member: Name / Surname / mail / Laboratory, to our address: association.added@gmail.com .

We are waiting for you for this event!